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Automatic injection injects at pod creation time. The controller resource is unmodified. Sidecars can be updated selectively by manually deleting a pods or systematically with a deployment rolling update.

Manual and automatic injection use the same templated configuration. Automatic injection loads the configuration from the istio-sidecar-injector ConfigMap in the istio-system namespace. Manual injection can load from a local file or from the ConfigMap.

Use the built-in defaults template and dynamically fetch the mesh configuration from the istio ConfigMap. Additional parameter overrides are available via flags (see istioctl kube-inject --help ).

$ kubectl apply -f < ( istioctl kube-inject -f Lulus Amy Nude Kid Suede Leather Slingback Pumps Lulus 4GwAIGOdJ

kube-inject can also be run without access to a running Kubernetes cluster. Create local copies of the injection and mesh configmap.

The istioctl kube-inject operation may not be repeated on the output from a previous kube-inject . The kube-inject operation is not idempotent. For upgrade purposes, if using manual injection, it is recommended to keep the original non-injected yaml file so that the dataplane sidecars may be updated.

$ kubectl -n istio-system get configmap istio-sidecar-injector -o = jsonpath = '{.data.config}' > inject-config.yaml $ kubectl -n istio-system get configmap istio -o = jsonpath = '{.data.mesh}' > mesh-config.yaml

Run kube-inject over the input file.

$ istioctl kube-inject \ --injectConfigFile inject-config.yaml \ --meshConfigFile mesh-config.yaml \ --filename Dune London KALIFORNIA High heeled sandals silver ePxG0e
\ --output sleep-injected.yaml

Deploy the injected YAML file.

$ kubectl apply -f sleep-injected.yaml

Verify that the sidecar has been injected into the deployment.

$ kubectl get deployment sleep -o wide
NAME DESIRED CURRENT UP-TO-DATE AVAILABLE AGE CONTAINERS IMAGES SELECTOR sleep 1 1 1 1 2h sleep,istio-proxy tutum/curl,unknown/proxy:unknown app=sleep

Sidecars can be automatically added to applicable Kubernetes pods using a mutating webhook admission controller . This feature requires Kubernetes 1.9 or later. Verify that the kube-apiserver process has the admission-control flag set with the MutatingAdmissionWebhook and ValidatingAdmissionWebhook admission controllers added and listed in the correct order and the admissionregistration API is enabled.

$ kubectl api-versions | grep admissionregistration

See the Kubernetes quick start 4 guide for instructions on installing Kubernetes version >= 1.9.

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form editor

It's easy to use the form editor to create or edit an observation. First, click on the Form Editor button in the top tool bar. Then click on an Observation in a folder. The observation form will appear in the GUI. If it's a new observation, you'll select an instrument, a template and a target. When the template is selected, fields associated with that instrument mode appear in the active GUI window—for example, if the instrument mode requires target acquisition information, a section about it will appear in the template. You can also specify offsets such as dithering and mosaicking in most templates.

Form Editor Observation
Figure 1. Example of APT Observation folders

Folders are provided as a convenience for users to help organize their observations. If you are requesting observations of the same target with multiple instruments, you may use the folder structure to keep all observations of a given target together. Another user might be requesting multiple epochs of data for a target, and may organize observations into their respective folders by epoch. A user requesting a sequence of coronagraphic observations may want to gather the relevant observations into the same folder.

The only exception to this concept of folder organization is if/when Givenchy Leather Flip Flops XaM2fVplgr
due to guide star restrictions. The tool that does tile splitting for problem mosaic cases creates a mosaic folder containing both the main mosaic and the separate tile observations. In this case, this special folder keeps the separate tiles associated for data processing purposes (so a single mosaic data product can be created).

See also:Reviewing APT Errors and Warnings help file, (prepared for HST but useful for JWST proposers as well). There is also video help on this topic:

Marni Fussbett Sandals Zm6stdMtqM

As with other parts of APT, userinteraction with the GUI is fairly straightforward and self-explanatory. Pull-down menus show the options for various parameters, and buttons like Add will display pop-up menus with selectable choices.

Dark gray boxes in the GUI cannot be edited; they are there to report information back to the user.For instance, when a target is selected, on the line labeled Visit Splitting are two gray boxes: the box labelled Chloé Grey amp; Eileen LaceUp Boots W3MTe
displays the value that APT will use for that target when deciding whether it needs to split the observations into multiple visits , based on the dither steps, mosaic tile separation or other parameters. This value is determined as a function of galactic latitude, which is related to the expected availability of guide stars, and cannot be changed by the user. Likewise, as appropriate observation specifications are entered into the template, APT will reportthe Number of Visits it has determined in the labeledbox. Gray boxes (including the Duration boxes) will update automatically as the proposal is developed.

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